Profile Details

Name XXX
Email N/A
Gender Female
How to contact Send Message
Marital Status Never Married
Country of Living India
State Or Province Tamil Nadu
District or City Chennai
City or Village
Residency Status Citizen
Date of Birth 1983-01-06
Age 35  years
Height 5'-3" (157.5 cm)
Mother Tongue
Religion Hindu
Caste Adi Dravida
Complexion Medium
Body type Average
Education Detail Masters - Computers/ IT
Job in detail Software Professional (Others)
Work place in detail Private Company
Business in detail
Monthly Salary or Business Income 50000 - 1 Lak
Dowry cash available but not to mention
Property detail
Ganaya Manushya
Chandra (Sandu) (Moon)
Kuja (Angaharu) (Mars)
Budha (Mercury)
Guru (Brahaspathi) (Jupiter)
Shukra (Sikuru) (Venus)
Shani (Senasuru) (Saturn)
Diet Non Vegetarian
Special Casses None
Looking From India
Self Description I am easy going,simple, kind,enjoy spending time with friends. I am happy going with the flow and do what feel good at any particular time. I don't take life seriously and take it as it comes.I like to try out different things like Archery, para sailing, painting, violin, rock climbing, cave exploring, etc..I was an avid trekker once, but not any more. I am very flexible and adapt to any situation or a new place easily.I enjoy being in a happening place, though i don't drink or dance :) I just feel charged up when i am in those places.I love travelling and enjoy making extensive plans before i travel. I gather as much as information before i go to a specific place and i love that. I love reading, and browse internet and read about just anything interesting, be it politics, a celebrity scandal, a historic event, past life regression, health tips, well to put it short, i like reading anything under and above the sky :)In weekends, i like to go out but i also like to enjoy quiet time at home reading or just watch a movie. Sometimes i just prefer being lazy and do nothing. My likes are travelling, reading, cooking, trying out different cuisine, movies, sitcoms and anything i find interesting. If i find something interesting i give it a shot at least once. I am very passionate about life and want to live life to the fullest. I am looking for someone who would be a best friend with whom i feel comfortable, and be able to talk about just anything without being judged. I don't expect that all our interests should match but would be better if some of them matches, like travelling because that's my passion and I want to explore the world as much as i can.Of course we can't write everything here, self analysis is not that easy. I have tried my best to paint a picture of what kind of a person I am , but if you are interested to know more about me, better buzz me and we will see how it goes.