Profile Details

Name XXX
Email N/A
Gender Female
How to contact
Marital Status Never Married
Country of Living Sri Lanka
State Or Province Western
District or City Colombo
City or Village Colombo-05
Residency Status Citizen
Date of Birth 1983-08-09
Age 35  years
Height 5'-1" (152.5 cm)
Mother Tongue
Religion Hindu
Caste Thevar
Complexion Medium
Body type Average
Education Detail O/L Per School Course and Tailoring course.
Job in detail Tailor at Home
Work place in detail Other
Business in detail
Monthly Salary or Business Income 15000 - 25000
Dowry cash
Property detail
Ganaya Dev
Chandra (Sandu) (Moon) 4
Kuja (Angaharu) (Mars)
Budha (Mercury) 4
Guru (Brahaspathi) (Jupiter)
Shukra (Sikuru) (Venus)
Shani (Senasuru) (Saturn) 7
Rahu 1
Ketu 8
Diet Non Vegetarian
Special Casses None
Looking From Sri Lanka
Self Description Looking for middle Class good family person.and educated, Permanent job or Business man.